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Riccio Productions

Riccio Productions


Riccio Productions is a media promotion and production company offering video production, photography, and graphic design services to businesses and individuals all over the United States. Riccio Productions has had the privilege to work with several highly regarded organizations and companies including Harvard University, Cornell, Duke, The University of Maryland, MIT, Brown University, Adidas, USA Wrestling, and Madison Square Garden.  In addition, Riccio Productions has worked with 5 Olympic Gold Medalists, 8 NCAA National Champions, 11 NCAA All-Americans, and 2 Hall of Famers. 

Riccio Productions is operated by founder, Geoffrey Riccio, who started the company in 2011 while attending college. As a college athlete, Riccio first started working with his own school, as well as, other small, local athletic programs in video production, photography and graphic design. Riccio has since moved outside of athletics and has traveled the country working with different companies, teams, schools, and organizations all across America. 

In the summer of 2013, Riccio worked with the Committee for the Preservation of Olympic Wrestling (CPOW) which was formed after the IOC’s decision to potentially drop wrestling as an Olympic sport. Riccio worked with the organization to help promote awareness of the cause, and also to promote and highlight the major wrestling events throughout the country. Riccio still works with USA Wrestling to this day. 

Videos from Riccio Productions have been featured in the Elite Level Sports Marketing (ELSM) annual contest since 2012. In 2014, Riccio had 2 videos take first in their respective contests; Highlight Reel of the Year, and Paramount Promotion. In the fall of 2014, Riccio was named the New England Wrestling Association Man of Year for his efforts to promote teams and competitions within the conference.

Since it’s small beginnings in a college apartment, Riccio Productions has become an award-winning production business at the national level and is continuing to grow and expand throughout the country.  Currently, Riccio Productions works with ten universities, and as of 2022 has worked with over 30 colleges and an additional 30 businesses and organizations throughout the U.S. Geoff Riccio is a graduate of Rhode Island College, and currently resides in Rhode Island.

Awards & Accolades

  • 2016 National Wrestling Media Association ‘New Media Specialist’ Award Winner

  • 2015 New England Wrestling Association ‘Man of the Year’

  • 2014 ELSM Best Highlight Voter’s Champion

  • 2014 ELSM Paramount Promotion Voter’s Champion

  • 2015 ELSM Paramount Promotion Voter’s Champion

  • 2015 ELSM Paramount Promotion National Champion

  • 2017 ELSM Best Highlight National Champion

  • 2017 ELSM ‘Better Than Good Graphic’ National Champion
  • 2017 AVA Digital Awards Gold Winner

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