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Pricing & Rates

Riccio Productions



Riccio Productions offers affordable rates for any budget. Whether it is production, post-production, design, or photography, We understand the needs of their clients and how to make sure the Client gets the most out of any financial situation.

Please note that Custom Graphics are typically charged hourly for their design, and not the number of prints/similar artwork created.


For pricing on individual photos and artwork please visit the Event Photo page HERE



Production - $70/hr - Production includes anything from, filming an event, to covering a photography session


Post Production - $65/hr - Post-Production includes edits (photo, video, etc.) uploads, alterations, designs, layouts, and creations


Flat Rates: $275/day - When covering an event (competition, occasion, engagement, etc.) Riccio Productions requires a   $275/day payment for equipment fees


Additional fees may apply, for example combining photo and video in a single shoot, aerial video, etc.



Video Pricing

$1500-$10,000 +

Riccio Productions' video services range from small to large-scale projects using Cine Cameras and top-of-the-line equipment. Below is a short list of video production services offered.

  • Promotional Videos

  • Event Highlights

  • Commercials

  • Documentaries


Photography Pricing


Riccio Productions offers coverage for any special event or occasion you may need including:

  • Engagements

  • Modeling

  • Sporting Events

  • Head shots

  • Corporate Events

  • Apparel


Graphic Design Pricing


One of the more unique items offered from Riccio Productions is Custom Graphic Design Artwork. This process involves working with the customer to create a special customized digital design just for them. Please CONTACT us using the form for more information.

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